Death ends our life, not our relationships.

Just like first impressions, our final impression also matters.

Typically we don’t ponder our death until it is clearly on the horizon, but expressing our preferences for our inevitable departure is the only way we can 100% guarantee we are remembered how we wish and avoid our memory being swept away forever in our final moments.

And your loved ones will love you for this!


Does the thought of planning this very real and intense experience feel a little daunting?


If so, you’re not alone.  Afterall, it’s not something you do everyday.

It means acknowledging one day you will pass. And facing your mortality can be extremely confronting.

The truth is we resist death, afterall we live to live, but as time passes, outlining your final wishes is the single most rewarding and selfless act you can do, for yourself and your family.


Let me ask you, what is your favorite song?

Does anyone know that this is the song you may want  played at your funeral service?

Family members are pressured to make quick decisions with impaired logic during a time of sorrow and grief. Doesn’t it make sense to remove all the guess work?

The harsh reality is we only die once. It takes courage to execute steps to ensure all decisions were your own.

The average person spends 11 years watching television, 4 years on the internet and 26 years of their life sleeping. We invest time planning holidays, gatherings, our retirement, and yet only 25 % of us have had end of life discussions. As a result, most die in hospital even though our preference maybe to be at home.

The reality is most funeral services are not personalized or memorable. So what do you think will happen if you don’t do anything? You were born an original so you do not want to die a copy.

Regret is a painful thing, especially when it can be avoided. Now, you can and the solution is here. In the end, what really matters, is you will no longer die wondering.

By specifying your wishes, you alleviate a great burden from your family members along with the satisfaction and peace of mind knowing you will forever be remembered your way and you Had The Last Word.

By now your probably wondering how you can ensure your memory is immortalized forever? 

It’s simple, with this user-friendly “My Wishes” program accessed from your computer, laptop, tablet or mobile device.

In just 30 interactive questions all your wishes, final requests and preferences will be clearly and confidentially expressed and saved for any future changes, printed and stored privately or given to a trusted friend or the Executor of your Last Will & Testament, for when your inevitable day arrives.

This is the best way to avoid the worst life mistake most don’t even realize they are making!

No loose ends so you are able to enjoy all your remaining days ahead with the peace of mind knowing if you were to pass unexpectedly you ensured nothing would be left undone or unsaid.

Feeling better already?

What could be more important?

The complete package empowering anyone who cares how they are remembered to control their ultimate destiny.

By investing a few hours – a fraction of the 28 000 days of life most of us are gifted you are doing the right thing. Your actions allows your family members and friends to spend their first days following your passing grieving and honoring their memory of you, without the intense burden of scrambling to help with all your funeral service arrangements.

This is the right thing to do, but the trouble is, we think we have time.
Your solution and your time is now to create all Your Final Wishes towards planning:

Your Advance Health Care Directives clearly stating all your End-of-Life preferences such as your preferred location of passing, repatriation of your body, organ donation requests

Your Funeral Service Decisions including your Final Disposition and Farewell Ceremonies

Your Obituary, Eulogy, Epitah, Funeral Service Booklet, Monument, Legacy and Your Final Appearance, Memories, Songs, Photos, Poems, Psalms, Readings and Final Lasting Words

Your Farewell Wishes before and after your funeral, including all your Farewell Gatherings

Your Social Media and Digital Legacy Preservation, including your electronic footprint

Your Words Without Breath – loving farewell messages to your family members and friends

Your Life Check-List ensuring no loose ends for your seamless transition from this realm


“I have no loose ends, my family will take care of everything”, I hear you say?

So let me ask, does anyone really know you as well as you know yourself?

If so, do you truly know they will be around at the time of your passing?

Think back to any life moments you prefer not shared during your final goodbye. Who knows this is your preference?

Do you want an Open Coffin or Viewing? Is this important to you? Does anyone know?

Is it possible members of your family may not agree about what to dress you in for funeral service or which photos you want highlighted in your funeral service booklet, or songs played and psalms recited?

Is anyone aware of how much you want spent on your funeral service – expense for your casket, transportation, your Wake or farewell ceremonies or would you rather provide some direction towards controlling the costs?

Do your words inscribed in perpetuity on your headstone or memorial viewed by future generations matter?

Are their people you prefer do not attend your funeral service or someone you wish presents your Eulogy which needs to be made clear to avoid any potential family disputes if not otherwise specified?

Is it possible you have private emails or transactions you may wish are de-activated? Or photos, blogs you want cherished for future generations?

Any people in your life you wish to reach out to privately such as your children, a partner, a dear friend, the family members of your organ donor or an estranged relative or former partner you want to connect or make amends?

Your life celebration should reflect everything you want and equally important nothing you don’t.

The pen that writes Your story must be held in Your hand!
Go forward in time and imagine your farewell. Champion the freedom towards planning your ultimate destiny. Any expert will agree you will feel truly empowered and your family members relieved.


Deciding when we may pass from this realm is usually beyond our control, but deciding how you ultimately wish to be remembered in memoriam is now completely within your reach.

You are one in a million and there’s a million ways to say goodbye. Every person has a unique life and unique life story which should be expressed uniquely to them.

What matters in the end, is that every great story deserves a good ending – guarantee yours at a click of a button.